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Why does it matter?

Did you know that the ingredients in your shampoo or lotion or sunscreen may be contributing to weight gain, energy drain, asthma, allergies, reproductive issues, and even cancer?

It’s ridiculous to think that the very products we are tediously applying for our health, like sunscreen, may be harming our health!

In my training to become a certified health coach, as well as personal experience and the experience of my clients, I have discovered the huge role that toxins play in our health and happiness. Now that I know this information, I feel an enormous sense of responsibility to share this information.

I’ve also discovered that the conversation around toxins can quickly become overwhelming, so I choose to focus on two essential areas where we have complete control: what we put IN our bodies and what we put ON our bodies.  

You’ll find simple tips, support, and guidance for both on this site.

Many people don’t realize that our skin is our largest organ. Most of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bloodstream. While that may seem like a minuscule amount and nothing to worry about, the truth is quite the opposite.

The truth is that we saturate our bodies in hundreds of ingredients everyday and most have not been tested for safety. Even in very small doses (measured by parts per billion) these chemicals have been linked to: reproductive issues, endocrine issues, asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism, cancer, and more!

What’s a health-seeker to do without spending countless hours and exorbitant dollars?

After careful review of many company’s products and business practices, I am honored to have joined Beautycounter as a trusted partner. They also boast an ethical mission to change the world of skin care and cosmetics.

By teaming with Beautycounter, I intend to :

  • advance the beauty industry away from secrets to transparency
  • empower consumers with information they need to protect themselves
  • improve life one person, family, community at a time

Did you know?

We haven’t had a new federal law passed in the skin care industry since 1938. 1938!! Since then over 80,000 chemicals have come in to the marketplace and still fewer than 20% (some say fewer than 10%) have been tested for safety! What does all of this mean? You can find these chemicals in YOUR skin care products.

Beautycounter is changing that. We are disrupting the industry and educating consumers.




Beautycounter has created a list of 1500 ingredients that we will never use, due to health concerns. The European union has banned close to 1400 of these ingredients. The U.S.? 11. We have done our homework for you.