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The Fall Cleanse came and went! Sorry you missed it.

Hope you'll join us in the future.

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Feedback from previous participants:

I had no idea how the cleanse would effect my stomach issues – I’d become accustomed to lifelong indigestion and after the cleanse I realized I don’t need to live uncomfortably if I make the right choices! I’m still figuring out what works for me but the cleanse really was a game-changer! So glad I did it, and got this totally unexpected benefit!!
— Winter Detoxer
This was the BEST gift I have given myself. The meals were surprisingly delicious and I was never hungry. I am free from dependence on all of the substances that gave my brain and body so much grief. This has been an 11-day savasana for my soul!
— Jen, Chapel Hill, NC
I followed the winter cleanse while working 11 hour days, 5 days a week – proof that you CAN make it work within a stressful working week. And my colleagues couldn’t believe how cheerful I was despite my ‘mud’ cocktails!”
— Winter Detoxer