If you are like most of us, you want to spend more time feeling fantastic. But how do you get there? And then how do you sustain it? 

Emily's passion is to help women discover their deeper selves and optimal health, so they can be the rock stars they were born to be!

We all dance when we find the music that moves us.

While Emily could tell you all about her history of weight struggles, she’s more inclined to focus on the NOW and what is working today. By incorporating some simple changes into her lifestyle and diet, which includes a focus on playing more and doing what she loves, she has turned her health and happiness around! Today she maintains a healthy weight and is often told that she looks 15 years younger. Does she feel like a rock star 24/7? Of course not. But she course corrects more and more easily by reconnecting with that mindset everyday. Just like a muscle, this process gets easier with practice! She’ll show you how to do it too! 

Change actually can happen overnight. The trick is to learn the essential tools to sustain the change. The tools that are effective for one person won't necessarily be effective for another. Emily’s specialty is finding what works for you. She works to understand the obstacles and motivators for each person. A focus on beauty and love guides all of her decisions and also serves as a foundation for her coaching with other women.  



Emily’s guarantee 

She will always hold you accountable to the brightest version of yourself.



Emily lives in Chapel Hill with her husband Owen Dodge and their two daughters, but she works with clients all over the world. She truly loves connecting with others and would love to connect with you. Maybe you are seeking a coach, or a new business, or would like to collaborate.

Share! Connect! Make dreams come true! 

Where focus goes, energy flows.
— Tony Robbins