Have you ever thought about doing something like this? Maybe not.

No little girl dreams of going into sales when she grows up. I certainly didn’t! Yet, Beautycounter has turned out to be the greatest gift.

It seems I’m not alone. In talking with several fellow Beautycounter consultants, what most of them shared was how grateful they were for the gift of Beautycounter. They said…

🎁 When I got by November check I was shaking. This company has changed my life forever. 

🎁 There is a sisterhood here that I have never had before. My family needs the business, but I need the people. 

🎁 This company has made me better, my family better and our health better. It has changed our lives in so many different ways. 

🎁 I have always loved helping people, but through Beautycounter, I get to witness life-changing events that touch people’s lives to the very core. 

🎁 Beautycounter has given me an outlet to “pay it forward” that feels right in every way. 

🎁 It was my goal with Beautycounter to make more money than my husband, and this past month I did it! 

🎁 I have been quiet and shy my whole life, and Beautycounter has given me a voice that is loud but still feels true to me. I can’t even describe what that feels like. 

🎁 I had gotten to a place in my life where my world was small and seemed to be getting smaller. Beautycounter has changed all that for me. I have friends all over the country now who cheer me on, make me better and make me laugh. I am blown away. 

🎁 How can I be having this much fun and making this much money?

🎁 I love my girls seeing that a mom can have it all – be at home with her family, and make a significant contribution to the family financially. Yet, she considers it the greatest gift.

This month only (December)


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