Emily offers three different programs that vary in length and one-on-one coaching so you can choose the perfect fit for you and your goals. Every program is grounded in the belief that when you fuel the body, mind, and spirit with delicious foods, a happier home environment, and nourishing self-care, weight loss is a natural side effect.



Mind Body Jumpstart

This 4-week program will jumpstart you into some new healthy habits.

We will work together to customize this program so that it works for you and your busy schedule. You will discover how to fuel yourself with food, so that you feel incredibly energized, empowered, and uncover your radiant self.



Mind Body Makeover

This 90-Day program  is for women who are ready to lose weight permanently and keep it off naturally, without couting calories or points! You will discover how to fuel your body with food, boost your metabolism naturally, and love yourself skinny through my system that harmonizes with your busy schedule and family life. You will get there through a unique blend of whole foods based nutrition and healthy living strategies, integrated with the advanced coaching support you need to move past persistent challenges and obstacles.


Healthy EAters 

Raising Healthy Eaters (currently FREE)

This manual will become your go-to reference for all things parenting, but it was created specifically to show you how to get your kids excited about trying new foods and loving vegetables. Because their eating habits will ultimately impact your weight loss success.

This is a very scientific approach based on childhood development research and influenced by Emily'a decade teaching in a Montessori classroom.


If you don’t know where to start, Emily invites you to schedule a 30-minute Breakthrough Session. She'll get laser-focused on you in order to discover the program that will best meet your needs. Contact Emily to schedule this appointment.