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Emily Geizer is a certified Holistic Health Coach. She’s on a mission to help women be happy, healthy, and beautiful in a toxic, fattening world.

Emily incorporates nutritional coaching, programs, and products into her services.



Rave Reviews

After using the Beautycounter products for just two days while staying at Emily’s house, it was a real let down to go back to my regular products. I had to stock up on all the basics to take home to Australia with me!!
Emily’s no-nonsense approach is balanced beautifully with a warm, supportive, playful style. She is informed, supportive, and pushes me when I get slack!
Meeting just once with Emily seemed to ‘flip a switch’ that perpetuated some incredible change in my life. I was amazed to discover how incredible I felt.
I often receive compliments for having ‘radiant skin.’ I will purchase this product for life. I LOVE Beautycounter!