Ever felt like the fattest person in the room?

I had an interesting experience this past weekend. I was at the first Beautycounter Leadership Summit. This brought together a room full of 350 bright, passionate, health-conscious women who are working to change the skin care industry. [An aside - the skin care industry is wrought with trouble. It's legal for our products to contain carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, fertility-damaging ingredients].

Back to my experience. Nearly every woman I sat next to admitted feeling fat or frumpy compared to her colleagues. I’m sure you can relate. How many times have you walked into a room and felt out of place in some way (either fatter, frumpier, uglier, dumber)? I use those words because they are the very same words I’ve told myself at times, and I’m guessing you’ve used those words about yourself too. Right?

We speak so unkindly to ourselves. We’d never talk like that to our kids! Why do we do it to ourselves?

In my experience, I know that I am more inclined to compare myself to others when I’m not feeling great about myself. When my own self-esteem is low.

In my experience, I know that my self-esteem suffers when I am not taking good care of myself.

In my experience I’ve learned that taking care of myself always means people get the best of me…not just what is left of me.

So, I’ll ask you the very same question I ask myself every morning:
What do you need to feel your very best today?

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