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Happy Healthy Kids 101

As moms, we want the very best for our kids. The best friends, best experiences, best teachers, best manners, and the best opportunities. Right?

This begins in the kitchen, believe it or not! Plenty of research shows how the food we feed our children directly impacts their school performance, behavior, focus, energy levels, overall mood, and immune systems. We all want the best for our kids, but meltdowns and struggles can get in the way of them eating the best foods.

As parents, you may know what your children should be doing, but it’s a special skill to know how to get your children choosing healthy snacks instead of Doritos!


If raising healthy eaters feels like an uphill battle, then you are in the right place!


Emily's Happy Healthy Kids 101 Book will show you – in just 3 simple steps – how to raise the healthiest eater in the neighborhood! It’s never too soon (or too late) for health!

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Emily brings her skills as a health coach, parent coach, mom, and teacher together. She has created a system that empowers you, the mom, to get your kids excited about healthy food. So that you can help your child be the best.


Here’s the thing. Junk foods build junk bodies and junk brains. The food we eat has a bigger impact on our brains than any other organ. Junk foods exacerbate hyperactivity, poor focus, moodiness, and their overall abilities as students, athletes, and citizens.

Smart food makes a smart brain. Smart brains have good focus, good attention, even moods, calm disposition, restful sleep, and even sustained energy all day long. Feeding kids real, wholesome food will make them happier and healthier today AND for years to come!



Sign up today to get Happy Healthy Kids 101 (for FREE) and receive a few fantastic bonuses!

Bonus #1: Feed Like a Fox: 10 Stealthy Tips to Get Nutrients into Your family’s Food

Bonus #2: The Busy Mom’s Guide for Transforming Snack-Time

Bonus #3: Garbage List: the 5 Foods to Remove

Before talking to Emily, I felt totally overwhelmed and stressed with feeding my family. Every child has different needs and preferences, and even allergies. She immediately picked up on my stress, helped alleviate it, and gave me some practical unique action steps. Even though I am a health coach, I couldn’t get my kids to eat healthy food! Thank you Emily for taking the stress out of meal times.
— Joanna P., McHenry, IL

You can SO do this!! You are your child’s nutrition role model until they are at least 12 years old. That means that you have more influence (and control) over their food than their friends, commercials, even the brightly colored boxes. Take advantage of this time for getting your kid on a healthy path. It’s never too soon to start.

This book will teach you:

  • how to eliminate the mealtime struggles and serve food you can feel good about
  • how to use food to increase your child’s brain power
  • how to raise a lean, strong kid with health food cravings (really!)
  • how to give your kids a disease-free future
  • how to get your kids excited about eating health food!

We work tirelessly to provide the very best for our kids, but we weren’t taught everything we need to know to about parenting, let alone health! And if we weren’t taught the very best about healthy eating, how can we pass it along to our kids…much less have the finesse to get them excited?

I can’t wait to guide you as you learn exactly how to get your kids excited about healthy food in ways that will add more fun and zest to your kitchen table.

Emily is truly an amazing coach. She has changed the way I look at wellness in my life and as part of our family lifestyle.
— Kate B. Chapel Hill, NC
Emily provides effective ways of approaching healthy and mindful eating and caring for one’s self, children, and family. My family and I have been both inspired and changed for the better by Emily’s care and expertise.
— Martha G., Durham, NC
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Don’t let this free offer go or you’ll miss:

  • Ninja strategies so that your kids WANT to eat healthy food
  • Kid-approved recipes that you can feel good about too
  • The 5 changes every family must make
  • 10 stealthy tips to get nutrients into your family’s food